Talk It Out: Help Someone Who is Considering Quitting Tobacco

Just making the choice to quit tobacco is difficult and very personalAt the beginning of each person’s journey to quit tobacco, they are starting to think about why they should quit and how it may not be easyThey will probably need some time to consider the costs and benefits of quittingYour support can be an important part of helping them decide why quitting might be right for them. 

To help someone you know who is thinking about quitting: 

Offer encouragement, not pressure. The decision to quit needs to come from them and is often personal. You should encourage them along the way, but it is a tough journey and you may need to remind yourself to respect their processBe careful not to push the issue in a way that could make them uncomfortable. Your encouragement will be more helpful in the long run than pressuring them to quit. 

Join the conversation. Without pressuring them, you can look for openings to start a conversation about quitting. If they say they are thinking about quitting or mention feeling sick from using tobacco, let them know why you’d like to see them quit. When you talk with them about quitting, use open-ended questions and let them lead the conversation.   

Don’t get frustrated if they don’t quit right away. The conversation to quit tobacco may start and stop a few timesQuitting something that is addictive is hard and they may be nervous or unsureBe patient and give them time to think. Don’t give up on them! 

Supporting someone through a quit can be tough, but remember, this is about being there for your friend or loved one. Don’t be shy about coming back to this page to review the tips along the way.