Making a Quit Plan

Making a quit plan will help you along the way when the quit gets tougher. Use your plan to list your reasons for quitting, your triggers for using tobacco and the tactics you will use to stick to your quit. Throughout your quit journey you can (and should!) refer back to your quit plan when you need encouragement. As you learn what works for you or find new tactics, continue to update your quit plan.

Write up your quit plan and keep it handy (read: do not save in a sock drawer or poorly labeled phone note) or use an online tool to develop your plan. In your quit plan you should:

  • Choose your quit date. Pick the date you will stop using tobacco and save it to your calendar. Will it be easier to quit on a work day or a day off? Consider that when picking your date. If you are comfortable with it, tell your friends, family and colleagues about your plan so they can support you.
  • Write down your reasons for quitting. Whether it’s to save money, improve your health or for an important person in your life, when the quit gets tough, these reasons will be important to look back on for motivation.
  • Identify what triggers you to use tobacco. List the things in your life that trigger you to use tobacco and the strategies you will use to cope with or avoid triggers.
  • Choose methods to help you get through tobacco cravings. Look through some ways to cope with cravings and write down the ones you think will work for you. You may even come up with a few more methods during your quit – add those to your plan too!