Quit Day

Today is the day! Congratulations on your decision to become tobacco free – now the real work begins. Your first day without tobacco will be hard, but these steps can help you stay focused and away from tobacco.

  • Have your quit plan ready so you can remind yourself of your reasons for quitting. It even makes a nice background picture on your phone!
  • Keep busy. If you can, plan your day and make sure you always have something to do. Make a list of activities, or plan to spend the day with someone who will help keep you away from tobacco. If you are comfortable, ask a colleague or battle buddy to watch your six and keep you on track.
  • Stay away from your triggers if possible. Think about your day and what places and moments may tempt you to use tobacco. If possible, find other activities and stay away from the usual places you use tobacco. If you can’t stay away, prepare yourself to manage triggers.
  • Stay positive. You were strong enough to start, you are strong enough to see this through. Remember that it won’t be easy, but you can do it.
  • Get help. Find the friends, family members or colleagues who support you and your decision to quit tobacco. There are also quitlines, online live chats and texting programs that you can use to connect to someone if you are having a hard time.

Your quit day is a milestone, so be sure to celebrate!  Plan something special for your first week tobacco free and your first month tobacco free! Pretty soon, you will be celebrating an entire year without tobacco.