If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.

Observances and Events


The Great American Spit Out (GASpO) 2022 – Do Service members know that there is no “safe” type of tobacco, including smokeless tobacco? GASpO is an annual event that will take place on February 24, 2022 to raise awareness about the dangers of using smokeless tobacco (including chew, snuff, dip and snus). Share the following YouCanQuit2 resources to support your local GASpO efforts and encourage Service members to ditch these products for good. Also – it’s always important to remind Service members that the best way to protect their health, relationships, and career is to quit all tobacco products.

  • Smokeless tobacco info. Share these resources with Service members to highlight the health risks of smokeless tobacco: Smokeless Tobacco: Myth vs. Fact [PDF 357KB], Smokeless Tobacco: Not a Quick Fix, and Questions about Smokeless Tobacco.
  • Interactive resources. Encourage Service members to use these interactive resources for quitting if they are ready to quit smokeless tobacco (or another form of tobacco!) once and for all. Here, they’ll find the YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan, Support Locator, 24/7 Live Chat and text message programs.
  • YouCanQuit2 social media. Promote the YouCanQuit2 social media channels so that Service members can get the tips and encouragement they need throughout their journey to become tobacco free.
  • Ready-to-Use messaging. Use GASpO ready-to-use messaging to complement your local efforts like social media outreach, plan of the day (POD)/plan of the week (POW) notes, newsletter articles, email communications and more!
    • What’s the gross stuff hiding in snuff? The same chemicals found in motor fuel, bug spray and nuclear waste. Quit tobacco for the Great American Spit Out: www.ycq2.org/tobacco-e-cigarettes/smokeless-tobacco
    • Smokeless ≠ Harmless. There are chemicals in dip that can cause cheek, mouth and gum cancer. Set your quit date on February 24 for the Great American Spit Out: www.ycq2.org
    • What horrors are hiding in snus? Cadmium, a toxic metal used in batteries. Plan to quit on February 24 for the Great American Spit Out.

Great American Smokeout (GASO) 2021 – This annual event is sponsored by the American Cancer Society and will take place on November 18. On this day, thousands of people across America will come together to quit tobacco. Take this opportunity to encourage Service members to quit all forms of tobacco (including cigarettes, vapes, e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco) and jumpstart a healthier life. Use the following YouCanQuit2 resources in your local GASO efforts and ensure Service members are set up for a successful quit!

  • Check out the 2021 GASO Guide [PDF 407KB] that highlights YouCanQuit2 resources, social media and ready-to-use messages to share with Service members.
  • Download the GASO 2021 image [JPG 709KB] to use on your materials or resources (like your plan of the day (POD)/Plan of the week (POW)).
  • Share this new motivating poster with Service members so they have the tips and tools they need to make their future tobacco free.
  • Encourage Service members to start their quit tobacco journey by using the YouCanQuit2 Quit Plan, a step-by-step interactive tool that shows them how to prepare to quit and offers encouraging tips along the way to help Service members achieve their quit goals.


  • AUSA (Association of the U.S. Army): Visit the campaign team at their exhibit at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Expo from October 10-12, 2022. Talk to the team and check out our print and promotional products. In addition to YouCanQuit2, you can also find information on the Own Your Limits and Too Much to Lose campaigns.
  • AMSUS (The Society of Federal Health Professionals): From February 13-16, 2023 the campaign team will host an exhibit featuring the YouCanQuit2, Own Your Limits, and Too Much to Lose campaigns at the AMSUS Annual Meeting exhibit hall. Stop by our booth to see some of our print and promotional materials and speak to the campaigns team.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.