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Ready. Set. Quit: Help Someone Get Ready to Quit Tobacco

Your loved one has decided they are ready to quit. Now it’s time to take the steps to prepare. They might be a little nervous or anxious about the decision, but you can be there for them. In the days leading up to their quit date, use these tips to help them get ready to quit tobacco: 

  • Learn what a quit plan is. They may be putting together a personal quit plan which can include the date they want to quit, what they will do to manage cravings and how they plan to avoid triggers. Learn more about a quit plan so you know what they are talking about and can lend support if needed. Remember, a quit plan must be unique to each person so make sure they are the one taking the lead and thinking carefully about what to include in their plan.  
  • If they ask for resources, share them. Review our Tobacco Cessation Resources Guide to learn more about the resources available for quitting tobacco. If they ask, let them know where they can look for resources that may be helpful in their quit journey.  
  • Ask them how you can support them on their quit date. Offer to take them out for a tobacco free activity or be available by text or phone to talk them through their first day. But don’t be pushy; ask how you can help. Quitting is a personal journey, so they might say they don’t need anything. Let them know you’re available any time they need you (and mean it).  
  • Encourage them to tell other friends and family about their quit, if they’re comfortable with that. The bigger their support crew, the better. 
  • Help them get rid of all tobacco products and accessories in their home and car including lighters, ash trays, dip cansvape pods and empty cigarette packs. Help them clean thoroughly to remove any lingering smells.  
  • Research what to expect during the quit process. You can help them prepare for things like cravings and limiting weight gain. 
  • Quit together. If you use tobacco too, make it a team effort so you can motivate and support each other throughout the process – maybe with a little friendly competition! 

As they get ready to quit, getting familiar with the quit process will help you learn what to expect so you can help your Service member and be as supportive as possible. 

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