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Hold the Line: Help Them Stay Quit

Most people need a few tries for a quit to stick. Cravings for nicotine and triggers for tobacco use can make it very hard to stay quitIt can be a long and sometimes frustrating process, but you can be there for them and help them through the tough times. 

Stay in the support game with these tips: 

Celebrate their success when they quit tobacco, especially at tobacco free milestones. Let them know how impressed you are and find meaningful ways to show you are proud of their hard work and commitment. Plan something special or find a treat that shows you care.  

Help them out after a slip or relapse. If they slip up (use tobacco once or twice)help them get back on track by reminding them why they quit in the first place. If they relapse (go back to using tobacco regularly after they quit)remind them this is normal, and it does not mean they can’t quit for goodEither way, don’t be hard on them. Let them know you are still proud of their hard work and you’ll support them however they need. 

Talk with them about why quitting didn’t stick for them the first time and see if there are ways you can be more helpful this time around. Suggest new tactics for getting through cravings, or alternatives to moments where they would normally use tobacco, like managing stress. Ask them how you can be better at helping them this time around.   

To learn more about the quit process and what someone quitting tobacco can expect, visit our How to Quit Tobacco and Stay Quit sections.

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