Remember Why You Quit

Ever find yourself craving a cigarette or dip and wondering why you quit tobacco in the first place? It is normal to crave tobacco when you quit, and the cravings can be strong. Challenge yourself to take a step back and remember what motivated you to quit. Any of these reasons sound familiar?

  • A chunk of your paycheck was going to tobacco products.
  • You were struggling to stay in peak physical shape.
  • You needed to improve your health and readiness.
  • You wanted to protect the health of your friends, family and pets.
  • You had a hard time healing after an illness or injury.
  • Your family didn’t like it.

Reminding yourself why you quit tobacco can help you stay quit during tough moments or days. You may even find new reasons to stay quit after you’ve been at it for a few weeks, such as:

  • You can now take a deep breath without hacking and coughing.
  • Physical training or taking a walk without losing your breath just got easier.
  • No more freezing cold hands and feet.
  • Food smells and tastes so much better (yum!).

Be Proud and Don’t Give Up

Quitting tobacco is something to feel proud of – not just for you, but for those around you such as family and friends. As you continue along your quit journey, take note of the new and wonderful things you can do and feel now that you are tobacco free. Update your quit plan with new reasons to stay quit and keep pushing forward! Here’s one way to remember why you quit:

  • Jot down who or what you quit for and carry the list around with you on your phone or on a note you keep in your wallet. The reminder can help you stay strong when you have an urge to use tobacco. And if your reasons change over time – amazing! Add your new and improved reasons to the list.

But remember that most journeys come with potential hiccups. Don’t give up if you:

  • Slip – Use tobacco once or twice after you quit, but then return to being tobacco free; or
  • Relapse – Start using tobacco regularly after a quit attempt

You can still quit…and stay quit for life. Check out the other articles under the “How to Quit” section to prepare for other situations you may face during your quit. We have a ton of tips to help you stay on track!