Preparing To Quit

Once you decide you are ready to quit tobacco, it’s time to prepare for your quit. Here’s how:

Medicines to Help You Quit Tobacco: Learn more about medications that can help with cravings and withdrawal. Talk to your health care provider about the right option for you.
  • Find the resources you need. Look through the Tobacco Cessation Resources Guide [PDF 911KB] and try out a few of the resources such as the 24/7 Quit Tobacco Live Chat or sign up for a texting program. See which resources work best for you and make sure to keep the list handy.
  • Get your quit plan ready. Make a quit plan and regularly update and edit your plan throughout your quit journey. Make sure your plan works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Know what challenges to expect. Learn about common tobacco cravings and triggers and keep the methods you wrote down to combat cravings and triggers in your quit plan on hand to help you fight urges to use tobacco.
  • Plan for your quit date. Choose your quit date wisely. Try to steer clear of very stressful times and figure out how you want to spend your first day tobacco free.
  • Get your support system in place. If you are comfortable with it, tell your crew about your plan. Get your friends, family and colleagues on Team You. Their support and encouragement can help you through the harder moments during your quit journey.
  • Talk to your health care provider about medications. Some of the medications you can take to help you with cravings and nicotine withdrawal must be started before you quit tobacco. Speak to your health care provider about these options before you quit to see if they should be part of your quit plan.

Once you are ready, set your quit date and start planning how you will stick to your quit.