Are Triggers Killing Your Vibe?

Picture this: You just quit tobacco and you’re meeting your buddies at a bar. So far so good. Some of them step outside for a smoke, and without thinking your hand reaches for a pack. These types of situations can make you want to use tobacco because old habits die hard. But, you can take steps to beat triggers like a pro!

Talking to yourself might seem like a joke, but it works. Say to yourself “Heck yeah – I got this!” and power through those cravings one at a time.

Steer Clear of Triggers

Here are a few examples of the triggers that can make you want to use tobacco and how you can fight them:

  • DTUAs. Avoid designated tobacco use areas (DTUAs) when you take a break. Instead, ask a co-worker or teammate for a walking meeting when you need some time away. Limit yourself to areas where tobacco use is not allowed.
  • Smoky bars or clubs. Stay away from the bars and clubs you’d hit up with your smoking buddies. Choose a tobacco free activity, like going to the movies or out to eat at a smoke-free restaurant.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol can be a trigger that makes you want to use tobacco and can lower your willpower. Instead of drinking alcohol (I know – there are other options?), try a mocktail, fresh juice, water or seltzer instead.

Have a Plan

You won’t be able to avoid every situation that can make you want to use tobacco, but you can prepare in advance. Here are some tips:

  • Get ready to say ‘no’ – a lot. In your quit plan, you wrote down how to say no to tobacco. Practice your lines and then actually use them. The more you say no, the easier it will get.
  • Have an escape plan ready. If a situation becomes too hard to say no to tobacco, including e-cigarettes, get the heck out of there. Say you have an early morning workout, a date or just be honest – whatever works for you. Plan ahead so you can get home on your own safely.
  • Stick to your support group. Spend more time with friends and family who know you’re quitting and support you. At a time like this, there’s nothing better than being with the ones who care the most about you.

Steer clear of your triggers and give yourself some much-deserved kudos.